Third times a charm… again!

I was originally going to cook the sirloins for the both of us but I decided to invite some friends for dinner. Four adults and two children, which meant I needed something more. I pulled two chicken breasts out of the freezer. I was going to attempt the bourbon and apricot glaze we saw on LPB today on Barbecue University, but at the last minute realized we didn’t have apricot glaze. I ran out of time trying to figure out something new with what I had available and decided to give “third times a charm” a try with things I’ve cooked the last few weeks.

And sorry… no pics tonight… it was rushed.


  • Chicken with Maple Bourbon Glaze
  • Petite Sirloin with Bourbon Reduction
  • Lemon Fried Cauliflower
  • Brandied Leeks

Until I get content moved over from the wiki, you’ll have to click here for more details…


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