Welcome to my little ever-evolving corner of the Internet!

I’ve taken a stab at a blog before and realized that the wiki format was more of what I was looking for at the time. As of June 2014, that may have changed… we’ll see.

Q. Who am I?

A. I’m a geek… a professional geek. In my day job, I am a member of Skyhawk.

Q. Bluecrow.net… where did the name come from?

A. Thanks to Adult Swim (back around 2002 before it was the trash it is today) I was introduced to one of the greatest anime series of all time… Cowboy Bebop. Around 2003 I took a stab at doing web design and DVD editing, and quickly learned it was not my cup of tea. I called myself Bluestreak Media Services, which I think subconsciously came from the movie Blue Streak with Martin Lawrence (no there’s no reason why, hence the subconscious part). Later, when I was looking for a personal domain name for some reason I was stuck on the word blue. In the episode Jupiter Jazz Part 1, one of the settings is a jazz bar called the Blue Crow, and the domain name was available… and the rest is history!

Q. The blog title “Whatever happens, happens.” Where did that come from?

A. Cowboy Bebop once again. I plan on doing a post on that philosophy because there’s more to it than just throwing caution to the wind.


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