Whatever happens, happens.

Welcome to my little ever-evolving corner of the Internet!

Q.… where did the name come from?

A. Thanks to Adult Swim (back around 2002 before it was the trash it is today), I was introduced to one of the greatest anime series of all time… Cowboy Bebop. In the episode Jupiter Jazz Part 1, one of the settings is a jazz bar called the Blue Crow, and the domain name was available. :thumbsup:

Q. “Whatever happens, happens.” Where did that come from?

A. Cowboy Bebop once again. For reference, here’s a link to clip on YouTube:  Cowboy Bebop: Session 19 “Wild Horses”

Q. Is there anything here?

A. Not really. I played with WordPress years ago and found the Wiki format more suited to my needs. Later, I started using BookStack.



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